The ins and outs of urgent translation services.

Urgent translation services

The ins and outs of urgent translation services.

We often receive calls from clients who ask us to translate hundreds of pages in 24 hours or less. And our answer is yes, we have the resources to do large translation projects. Urgent translations are useful if a client doesn’t need any proofreading, in order to extrapolate the rough meaning of the source language document. But if you want one hundred pages of quality translation including proofreading, it takes more time.

On average, about 2200 words can be translated within one day by one translator, but several factors influence the translation speed: our current workload, the complexity of the source text, the source and the target language etc.

Our most experienced colleagues can translate about 5500 – 6500 words a day but this is a number we cannot exceed: we are human beings and translation is one of the most exhausting mental activities.

When it comes to urgent translations, it’s better for us to receive several independent documents instead of one single large text, because more translators can work on them at the same time without endangering the consistency of the text.

Problems may occur when we receive a single manual or a 200-pages business contract where terminology is crucial and the same expression must be translated the same way throughout the whole document. If 9-10 translators work on the project, it is impossible to translate the same expression the same way throughout the whole text. That’s when our proofreaders and project managers join the project and eliminate those inconsistencies. But one or two days are rarely enough to correct them all. There is only one way to make it perfect: think ahead, weeks ahead, and send the translation to us on time to receive a 100% quality translation.

For example, if you need the translation of 30 pages or about 13.000 words, send it 4 days before you need it.

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